Point of Light Network Newsletter and Blog

This is a first draft of the Point of Light Network Newsletter and Blog.  As we build the Point of Light Network we need to be Beacons of Hope for the World.  We need to let our Light Shine for all to see, and also have a special message for those who commit and support us on a deeper level.

I will be asking the Leaders of the Point of Light Network to share their stories and insights with quest articles.  I hope you will take a moment and share your story.  We need to also provide a platform for people are the world to also share their stories of hope.  Our Website, our Blog, Our Conferences and Our Chapters will together on many levels to teach people to work together no matter what level they are at in life.  Can we provide a safe place for people who have lost everything to a disaster?  Can we provide meals to people who may go hungry?  Can we provide wisdom to those who are seeking it?  Can we share our experiences and allow ourselves to learn from each other?  Because you are a part of the Point of Light Network, I would guess your answers would be Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

The time is now, the place is now.  Let us begin this journey together.  Let’s bring our Lights together so we can shine brightly for the world to see.  Who can tell your story better than you?  Please take some time and write whatever comes to mind.  Sharpen your own saw and let’s create a platform for each other to share our thoughts with the world.  Your story may be exactly what some else needs to hear to get through another day.  You story may inspire someone to stay in school, to love their family, to treat people the way they want and need to be treated.  Your story may change lives as our combined story may change the world.

A blog, a speech, a workshop or a presentation can be quite the powerful light that cuts through the darkness.  Let us be the beacons of Hope that provide safe passage for others.

Thank you for your time.


Joseph Luellen

I am a Beacon of Hope, and I am a Point Of Light

Welcome to the Point of Light Network.

We are honored that you have chosen to join us.  You have joined a growing community of people who share one basic principal.  We believe in paying things forward.  We are crazy enough to believe that by sharing good news, sound advice and honest caring for each other we can leave the world a better place than we found it.  We hope you feel the same way.

The Point of Light Network was born out of the Beacon of Hope Challenge.  A simple challenge to leave a positive quote or thought for the day.  This challenge began to yield real world results in people’s lives all around the world.  It became clear it was not enough to leave these results floating around in cyberspace.  People began sending invitations to get together for a Weekend Retreat or maybe even put together a Conference and why not Launch Chapters to bring hope into the communities we live in and we plan to visit?

We are honored you chose to join us.  We believe that by Volunteering, Mentoring, Coaching and Training we can create Sustainable Chapters around the world and Host a Series of Conferences that can fund cleaning up parks, helping those in need and providing scholarships for future leaders in our communities.  The only reason that this idea won’t work is if we don’t do the work.  The burden is easy and very rewarding, pay it forward.  You have now idea how much a smile, a kind word or a helping hand can brighten someone’s day.  Or maybe you do have an idea; maybe that idea is what lead you here.

Let me say it again.  Welcome to the Point of Light Network. 


Joseph Luellen III

I am a Beacon of Hope and I am a Point of Light.